About Us

Your imagination is a powerful thing. Unfortunately, when not put into practice, it can become a little unruly, like a four year old hopped up on Sour Patch Kids. ImaginationSpring understands the importance of the imagination and strives to develop tools to help people practice using theirs. 

ImaginationSpring is not solely a technology company but rather we create solutions that solve problems regardless of the medium or delivery channel. We don’t take ourselves very seriously but we do take the business of building Creative Confidence and Responsible Technology quite seriously.

A goal of ours is to have the world rethink what is “normal” and feel confident in the process of doing so. We work often with children and we embrace the playful nature of our little ones. When designing, we will take on the perspective of children and push the boundaries of silliness without compromising the overall goal of whatever we are doing.