Creative Confidence

Creative Confidence is something that we at ImaginationSpring strive to help build in our users whether they are kids or adults.

We view Creative Confidence as an essential skill that desperately needs to be developed in our youth.  Most technology of today doesn’t allow the children to think or create for themselves.  The kids are just along for the dopamine ride and then are grumpy when they have to get off.  Most parents can relate to the child that won’t put the phone down or go to bed because of a video game.

Creative Confidence is:

  • Creating with a free mind and less doubt. 
  • Taking creative risks with less fear
  • Enjoying the process of creating and not just thinking about results
  • Creating what you actually want to create and not what you think others want
  • Being comfortable with others creating around you

ImaginationSpring applications will give its users creative nudges that will help them start a creative journey but will allow them the freedom to create it themselves. By using our applications consistently, the kids start to believe in their own ability to draw. When our users create something that they never thought they could, it is truly an amazing experience.

Our community also helps to build Creative Confidence by showing that other kids around the world have created some awesome art using our applications. Everybody’s art is allowed to be shared with the world. We are building an inclusive and safe place for artists to draw some of the silliest subjects you’ve ever seen. 

No pressure. Our applications, while challenging, will not create “Winners and Losers.” It’s hard to build confidence if there is only one winner and then everybody else.  We will strive to help build better creative habits for our users (kids or adults) that will, in turn, build their Creative Confidence.  We may have a fun contest here and there but we will always focus on letting the process of creating be the driving force of our applications.

While a majority of our applications are geared to kids, we also believe that our activities will help adults build their Creative Confidence through what we call “Creative Fitness.”  Much like a great fitness program, simply doing our activities will help any creative person along their path.  It is a fun way to get inspired or even to just move a pencil around.  Give it a try and tell us what you think! What have you got to lose?