ImaginGO is our in-classroom web-driven activity that will get the whole class drawing and giggling.  We work with teachers to enhance the positive attributes of ImaginWOW and developed a teacher friendly activity that kids love.


ImaginGO provides teachers an easy and quick art activity that 

  • Is different every time
  • Is done in the classroom and is optimized for SMARTboards and large screens 
  • Done without the need for an Art teacher or special supplies
  • Creates actual art for the student to bring home or catalog
  • Encourages kids to read aloud and practice showing their creations to the class
  • Designed to be personalized for each class and group of kids
  • Helps build essential motor skills through drawing and coloring more consistently
  • Provides students a consistent creative outlet that uses short burst creative strategies to improve outcome and attention
  • Gives students a creative nudge to help build diverse drawing concepts and use of color
  • Helps build vocabulary through art