ImaginWOW – The Imagination App

ImaginWOW is our mobile app that inspires children to draw silly pictures in the “real world” (aka drawing using pens/crayons on paper).  ImaginWOW also provides a Sharing Network where children are able to share their creations and connect with others from around the world.


Besides being incredibly fun, ImaginWOW also:

  • Helps build essential motor skills through drawing and coloring more consistently at young age
  • Provides a consistent creative outlet that uses short burst creative strategies to improve outcome and attention
  • Gives creative nudge to help build diverse drawing concepts and use of color
  • Helps build vocabulary through art
  • Establishes a place to start building an online Art catalog to see progress and share with others
  • Encourages community and activity in the real world via easy-to-use technology
  • Exposes them to other languages
  • If you signup for the ImaginWOW sharing network, it can create exposure and connections with other artists all over the world
  • Can be done with friends and family to help bring people closer