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Dan and John are college friends who began collaborating on creative business ideas soon after they graduated in the mid-90s. They founded a number of companies such as Finish Line Media and BadTipper.com before focusing on helping people expand their imaginations and developing creative confidence.

The initial spark for Imaginaction actually first came as “Hear It. Think It. Draw It.” Dan was working as a counselor at his local YMCA.  Due to some unexpected storms, Dan needed to think up quickly an activity for a group of kids. Proving again that “necessity is the mother of invention”, he spontaneously created “Hear It. Think It. Draw It.”  The activity was a combination of story telling and imaginative drawing. The kids at the YMCA loved it! It became part of Dan’s weekly curriculum for the remainder of the summer.

IT Club Logo“Hear It. Think It. Draw It.” was soon developed further and rebranded as, “The IT Club” where the IT stood for “Imaginative Thinkers”. A set of characters was created and prototypes were tested. Because of the interest in this idea, Dan and John founded ILS: Imaginative Learning Systems. ILS took the experience of Finish Line Media and directed it towards helping children develop their imaginations and creative play.

Theo. A member of the IT Club.

During the days of ILS, John and Dan began experimenting with the first prototypes for ImaginWow but in 2004 it was called Imaginaction. Dan began fusing the two activities together (Imaginaction and Hear It. Think It. Draw It.) to provide a full hour of imagination exercise, family bonding and, of course, fun for all who participated.

With the changes in technical feasibility and new, exciting available digital tools, Dan decided to get things rolling again after a few years doing their own things. In 2017, he started discussing “Hear It. Think It. Draw It.” and Imaginaction again. He decided to focus solely on Imaginaction for the moment. In 2019, he founded a company called ImaginationSpring and began developing ImaginWOW based off of the original Imaginaction. In 2020 Dan called up his old business partner John Fox to advise him on the new business.

And the story continues to be written!