ImaginDAN at the Library

ImaginDAN at the Library

ImaginDAN has had the privilege to visit some of North Carolina’s best libraries and has used ImaginGO to inspire tons of kids along the way.

ImaginDAN’s library events are part motivation and part activation.  He tries to get the kids to understand that everyone can draw and create. He empowers and nudges them to take creative chances and see what happens. The rest is up to them and the results have been fabulous.

Here’s what a Children’s Librarian from Asheville’s Pack Library said,

”What fun! ImaginGO was a terrific delight for the children AND the adults. I can’t remember the last time I just sat next to a child and drew pictures. I loved it, loved it, loved it.  ImaginGO taps into the potential we all carry inside – we’re all artists! Who knew?

ImaginDAN is so sincere and respectful in his delivery – his enthusiasm is infectious – and we all had a blast.  I especially loved seeing the children take pride in their creations and in themselves. What a great idea and so well delivered – I’m a huge fan.  Looking forward to the next time.”


Jesse Figuera

Pack Youth Services Librarian